Thursday, January 5, 2012

Landscapes and Nature

I was driving up to my family's cabin when I found this one the side of the road.  Thought it made a nice shot :)

I love my school campus during the fall :)

The reservoir up in the mountains so absolutely beautiful!

Hiking with my family in Hawaii

AH! I LOVE this one!!!

It began to pour rain while hiking and later there were rainbows everywhere!

My dad took some of us out to the middle of the dessert to go fossil hunting... Unfortunately finding fossils was unsuccessful.  But I did get some nice pictures!

Bugs and Flowers

I found this flower in front of the house my group and I were assisting to reconstruct.  Isn't it so pretty?

I found this little guy while I was doing a service project :)

A moth in Brazil!!

This one is also from Brazil. Man, I love it there! :D

Yep, this one too.

ROAD KILL!  .... No she really didn't step on it but it's kind of funny to pretend :)


Although I kind of despise bugs, I got so excited when I found this one at my friends house!

And these guys were BIG!

This one is one of my favorites!!